The 9th Eursafe Congress, that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is an invitation to reflect on the challenges of agriculture and food in the third millennium. Advances in the biosciences in relation to achieving global food security have raised interesting socio-ethical and legal questions that we must tackle from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Sustainability, Bioenergy and Animal welfare are topics that will be discussed, together with reflections on the goals and methods in agricultural and food ethics. The possible contribution these ethics may offer to political decision-making and the training of future bioscience graduates and post-graduates will also be covered at this international forum.

The Conference

2010 provides us with a privileged observatory for the 3rd Millenium challenges to agricultural sciences and biosciences. Ethical and legal issues related to the food security, animal welfare as well as the prevention of food born diseases are going to be, among others, the object of cross-disciplinary reflection and debate in the 9th EurSafe Congress.

Congress sub-topics

1. Climate change policies and food security
2. Sustainable agriculture and aquaculture for global food security
3. The role of local breeds and traditions in sustainable agriculture and aquaculture
4. Alleviating hunger and poverty: Role of agri-food research
5. The role of biotechnology in food security
6. Ethical and legal aspects of bioscience patenting
7. Eating, nutrition and health: Ethical and legal considerations
8. Food labelling and consumer protection
9. The role of ethical engagement and public participation in EU food governance
10. Ethics of bioenergy production
11. Ethical, welfare and legal status of farm and laboratory animals in the EU
12. Teaching ethics, animal welfare and law for the biosciences and agri-food sector
* Open call – Animal, Agriculture and Food Ethics

Abstracts should address one of the defined conference topics or a specific aspect in the ethical dimensions of food and agriculture. They may be submitted via a system designed by Wageningen Academic Publishers. Please submit your abstract to: Wageningen Academic Publishers Abstract and Congress Management Application.

European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics